Let’s do business

Thanks to all the respected members of the “Let’s Do Business” group, many great wishes and thanks. The admin or moderator team considers each post separately, and at any time has the right to delete the post and block or band members from the group.

** Wall posts of any non-business website, page, other group or timeline can not be shared.

** Fraudulent post
For example, Facebook page like, member in group, follow phailar barare to post this type.

** Inbox, want to earn in-house, just for the sake of the audience, earn a living in the house via Android phone. This type of fake post will be banned without any notice.

Law, religious and political doctrine, or anti-social things can not be posted.

If anybody breaks the group’s law then he will be permanently banned from the group without notice.

In case of lenders in the group, they will be able to understand themselves, if they are deceived in the case of financial transactions, then there will be no group or admin party.

Everyone’s initiative and business prosperity should come.
Thanks again to everyone.